Welcome to the Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Impact Assessment

Safeguarding the Environment

Hong Kong’s Environment supports a rich array of terrestrial and marine biodiversity, as well as a thriving population of almost 7.5 million people. The proper management of environmental resources is essential to safeguard both the people and ecology of Hong Kong.

Promoting the Economic and Social Development of Hong Kong

Environmental Impact Assessment is a critical tool in the development process that protecting the environment while also facilitating economic growth and social well-being. By promoting and maintaining high industry standards, we contribute to the sustainable development of our Community.


About our Institution

HKIEIA was set up in 1996 and has the support of a strong team of professionals representing sectors in environmental consultant, town planning, contractor, EIA authorities, academics, NGOs, project proponents, developers with diverse backgrounds in environmental science, chemical engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, hydrology, geology, chemistry, ecology, botany, zoology, marine biology and natural and social sciences.

HKIEIA's Objectives

  • To promote the advancement of the knowledge and management of environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information on EIA process by means of meetings and publications
  • To promote, foster and assist EIA professionals in the study and application of knowledge and information concerning the EIA process
  • To encourage or sponsor training of EIA professionals
  • To maintain the integrity and status of the profession and to represent it both to the public and to the Government
  • To provide links between industry and Government bodies and other organisations to ensure the management of EIA is dynamic and relevant to both industry and the community

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The Committee 2023-2024
  • Chairperson Mr. David Gallacher (AECOM)
  • Honorary Treasurer Mr. David Yeung (Ramboll)
  • Honorary Secretary Ms. Kathy Ip (EEB, HKSARG)
  • Membership Secretary Ms. Clara U (EPD,HKSARG)
  • Executive Committee Mr David Stanton (AEC Ltd.)
  • Executive Committee Mr. Freeman Cheung (AECOM)
  • Executive Committee Dr. Karen Lee (EEB, HKSARG)
  • Executive Committee Mr. Raymond Wong (NGIS)
  • Co-opted ExCo Member Ms. Crystal Lui (Ramboll)
  • Co-opted ExCo Member Mr. Gary Ye (AFCD, HKSARG)
  • Co-opted ExCo Member Dr. Glenn Frommer
  • Co-opted ExCo Member Ms. Yoyo Mok (Ramboll)
Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental protection doesn't happen in a vacuum.

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Technical Visits

Zhen ‘an Wastewater Treatment Plant,Chancheng District, Foshan City

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Seminars / Conferences

We are pleased to bring you our first facebook live – the IAIA18 Debriefing @ AGM 2018!!!