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One of the Objects of the Institute is “to promote the advancement of the knowledge and management of environmental impact assessment” and, to this end, Corporate members of the Institute can be listed as Accredited Monitoring Professionals (subject to their meeting the prevailing criteria stipulated by the Committee) and use the acronym AMP.

At present the accreditation criteria (in addition to corporate membership of the HKIEIA) require that an applicant:

  • Be knowledgeable on environmental regulations in Hong Kong.
  • Be knowledgeable on EM&A methodologies, with at least 3 years of practical experience in the undertaking and management of these methodologies.
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the background and aims of EM&A.
  • Be able to show 15 hours of HKIEIA-recognized Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training within the previous 12 months.

Applications for AMP status are considered by an Accreditation Panel which comprises four HKIEIA members, who are AMPs, together with an external member representing an allied professional institute.

To maintain accreditation AMPs are required to submit, annually, proof of a minimum of 15 hours HKIEIA-recognized CPD training in the previous 12 months. Training which qualifies towards the CPD hours will be decided by the Accreditation Panel and may comprise, but not be limited to, attending or organizing or making presentations at conferences, seminars, technical meetings organized by appropriate institutions, universities, other professional bodies or employers; attendance at committees, working parties, etc., in a managerial capacity (a maximum of 3 hours / annum); research or post-qualification studies that are suitably structured and supervised; authorship of papers or lectures presented at organized, relevant events; site visits arranged by appropriate institutions; continuous and relevant project experience which has involved some element of developing new ideas, new techniques, etc., and which has resulted, in the view of the panel, in the genuine personal professional development of the individual; undertaking a formal role in the running of the HKIEIA (a maximum of 3 hours/annum). 

Any other form of CPD training presented by the candidate with supporting evidence will be evaluated by the panel.

The HKIEIA will assist members in their CPD training both by arranging technical meetings and visits and by publicizing, when possible, such events organized by other institutions, universities or organizations.

Accredited Monitoring Professionals, who may use the acronym AMP, are expected to maintain the integrity and status of the profession, but also to represent it to the public and the Government.

Elsewhere, similar professionals have become a link between project managers and approval authorities, as the person whose signature attests to the standard of reports and other documentation. Under the EIA Ordinance in Hong Kong such a niche exists.

The HKIEIA also has a Disciplinary Panel to consider any lapses in professional behaviour. The business of this panel is related to both AMP accreditation and membership of the Institute.

A “Code of Ethics” for AMPs containing a number of rules of conduct has been set and is attached to these guidelines.

Any decision of the Accreditation Panel or the Disciplinary Panel may be appealed to the Committee, whose decision shall be final.