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One of the objects of the Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Impact Assessment is to promote the advancement of the knowledge and management of environmental impact assessment. To this end, and subject to the approval of the Institute, Corporate Members can be listed as Accredited Monitoring Professionals and use the acronym AMP. In order to gain accreditation, in addition to corporate membership, applicants must be knowledgeable regarding (a) environmental regulations in Hong Kong and (b) EM & A methodologies; they must have 3 years of practical experience in the undertaking and management of these methodologies and show an understanding and appreciation of the background and aims of EM & A; and, finally, they must be able to show not less than 15 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training within the previous 12 months. Applications for accreditation (the fee for which is $200) are considered by an Accreditation Panel and are renewed each year on the basis of 15 hours of CPD in that year. From 2005 onwards, there is no longer a separate fee charged for AMP membership renewal. AMPs are simply required to submit at the beginning of each year their 15 hours of CPD in the previous year. Accredited Monitoring Professionals are expected to maintain the integrity and status of the profession but also to represent it to the public and the Government. Elsewhere, such professionals have become a link between project managers and approval authorities, as the person whose signature attests to the standard of reports and other documentation. Under the EIA Ordinance in Hong Kong such a niche exists.

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List Of Registered AMP's (Updated as of Jul 2021)

Name Date of Admission
Chu Chung Sing Apr 1999
Frommer Glenn Howard Apr 1999
Wong Allan Wai Hoong Apr 1999
Yeung Bing Kwan Apr 1999
Prof. I.J. Hodgkiss May 1999
Lau Hon Ping, Andrew Sep 1999
Chung Suet Lam, Felix Oct 2001
Dave K. W. Ng Oct 2001
Dr. Pong Li Oct 2001
Green David William John Oct 2001
Lam Shu Wing, Cliff Nov 2002
Kwong Tin Sang Feb 2003
Lam Kam Wai, Josh Feb 2003
Leung Ho Yin, Henry Feb 2003
Thomas D. Dahmer Feb 2003
Wong Wing Yin, Enoch Feb 2003
Anderson Jacquelyn Deva Mar 2003
Chen Rong Jun, Vincent Mar 2003
Cheng Chi Ming Mar 2003
Cheung Chun Ming, Freeman Mar 2003
Daniel Chan Mar 2003
Ho Kin Chung, Henry Mar 2003
Ho Ming Bun Mar 2003
Leung Cho Shing Mar 2003
Westwood Hong Mar 2003
Hui Yat Ming Apr 2003
Ng Chi Fai Apr 2003
U Kam Wa Apr 2003
Yuen Wang Cheong Apr 2003
Chan Chung Tak, Thomas May 2003
Cheng Sing Hymn, Simeon May 2003
Cheung Tsz Hin, Laurent May 2003
Chua Manuel May 2003
Ip Kin Chor May 2003
Lam Kin Che May 2003
Lau Kwok Yee May 2003
Ma Kit Cheong May 2003
Ng Yuen Ching, Queenie May 2003
Yu Pui Shan May 2003
Watker Anne Frances Jun 2003
Bezy Susana Elizabeth Jul 2003
Lai Pong Wai Feb 2004
Ng Ka Wah, Dave Feb 2004
Susana Elizabeth Bezy Feb 2004
Kwok Yau Tak, Alan Apr 2004
Ng Wan Tin, Danny May 2004
Gallacher, David May 2005
Or Wai Shan May 2005
Pang Yuen Fai, Alson May 2005
Poon, Lisa May 2005
Tam Chi Yuen, Brian May 2005
Wong Chi Hang, Antony May 2005
Wong Hin Wai Aug 2005
Chow Wing Chung Apr 2006
Name Date of Admission
Poon Mei Yan, Pauline Apr 2006
Chow Chi Kwong, Boris Sep 2006
Dai Lai Man, Raymond Oct 2006
Pyke Jonathan Rodney Jan 2007
Bhanja Alexi Kumar Jul 2007
Lam Wai Man, Erica Jan 2008
Ko Wai Ying, Winnie Jun 2008
Kwok Wing Sum, Natalie Jun 2008
Yuen Sin Yiu, Florence Jun 2008
Chan Ping Tak, Joseph Jul 2009
Wong Wing Yee Jul 2009
Yam Man Tung Jan 2010
Fung Lai Shan Mar 2010
Choy, Priscilla Jul 2010
Liu Hon Cheung Dec 2010
Isa Mohamed Hasan Jan 2011
Leung Wai Kwong, Roger Feb 2011
Fan Ka Ho Jul 2011
Tam Kwok Yui Feb 2012
Kong Chi Hung, Terence Mar 2012
Wong Yuen Hei, Amy May 2012
Ng Wai Hung, Steven Aug 2012
Chan Wing Yan, Vivian Feb 2013
Foo Soo Meng Feb 2013
Shek Wai Man, Emily Feb 2013
Yung Yan Tai, Enid Feb 2013
Chan Chi Wah, Chris Aug 2013
Chan Kwok Wai Aug 2013
Cheung Ming Kai Apr 2012
Chung Wai Leung, Andy Sep 2014
Chau Tsz Wing, Keith Sep 2014
Yan Kam Ming, Ray Jan 2015
Hui Yuk Hung May 2015
Yeung Yuet Shing Sep 2015
Wong Kin Chung, Ken Sep 2015
Chiu Wai Kwan Sep 2015
Ng So Shan, Jasmine Mar 2016
David Stanton Aug 2017
Lai Lai Yu, Raymond Aug 2017
Tang Ming Yu, Peggy Aug 2017
Ip Wai Hang, Pat Aug 2017
Chan Chi Hei, Albert Aug 2017
Leung Chun Ting, Roy Aug 2017
Ho Ka Po, Nicole Mar 2018
Law Ching Man Mar 2018
Man Tsan Fung, David Oct 2018
Wu Hing Shing, Matthew Oct 2018
Michael Leven Oct 2018
Cheung Kai Man Mar 2020
Hui Chung Hong, Tommy Mar 2020
Wu Ka Wing, Elizabeth Mar 2020
Yu Ming Yee, Ida Mar 2020
Ho Kam Hong, Victor Jul 2021

To join as an AMP!

Please download and complete the application form (including CPD record), add a 1 to 2 page summary of your relative experience and professional achievements over a period of up to 5 years and mail to:

Ms Clara U
Chairman, Accreditation Panel
HKIEIA P.O. Box 28756
Gloucester Road Post Office
Hong Kong

Successful applicants will be listed on our web page, and on a list provided, on request, to major clients or when enquiries are received.

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