Seminars / Conferences

Date Seminar Speaker Status
02 Feb 2016 Debriefing session on Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEP) and Enhancement of EM&A Practices in Hong Kong HKIEIA Completed
20 Aug 2015 Debriefing session on the 4rd China Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Forum held in CheungDu, China Prof. KC Lam, Ms. Clara Yu, Mr. William Cheng, Ms. Kathy Ip and Mr. Simon Cheung Completed
18 Dec 2014 Debriefing session on the 3rd China-Japan-Korea Tripartite EIA & SEA Conference Prof. KC Lam, Mr. Marcus IP and Mr. Henry Leung Completed
09 Dec 2014 Technical seminar on the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Expansion of HKIA into a Three-Runway System Mr. Peter Lee of AAHK Completed
13 Aug 2014 Debriefing session on 34th IAIA Annual Conference Prof. Shirley Lee, Prof. KC Lam, Dr. Cho-nam Ng, Chris Wong and Charles Wong Completed
12 Jun 2014 HKIEIA AGM 2014 HKIEIA Committee; Mr. Josh Fothergill of IEMA Completed
08 May 2014 Joint HKCA-HKIOA Symposium "Quiet Construction: State-of-the-Art Management & Practices"  Various overseas and local speakers; HKIOA Completed
09 Apr 2014 Annual Seminar on Hong Kong Energy Challenges & Solutions Various speakers; HKIE (Environmental Division) Completed
09-11 Jan 2014  
Regional EIA Symposium Various speakers, please refer to the symposium website  Completed
28 Sep 2013 Seminar on “A Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong” Environmental Management Association, HKU, HKIEIA Completed
20 Jun 2013 Annual General Meeting 2013 HKIEIA Completed
15 Jun 2013 Technical Visit to the Hong Kong International Airport HKIA Completed
24 May 2013 The Joint HKIOA-PolyU Symposium "Research, Assessment and Development of Applying Innovative Building Design for Noise Mitigation - The Latest Trends" Dr. Kin Cheng (HKIOA), Mr. KF Tang (EPD), Ms. Ada Fung (HA) Completed
13 Apr 2013 Public Forum on "Hong Kong's EIA System at a Crossroad: Challenges and Opportunities" CW Tse (EPD), Alan Leung (WWF HK), KC Lam (CUHK), Henry Leung (HKIEIA) Completed
23 Mar 2013 Forum on EIA Practices of Major Construction Works in Hong Kong - The Next Step, Hong Kong Construction Association Anissa Wong (ENB), Thomas Ho On-sing (HKCA), Freeman Cheung (AECOM), Chan Hon-fai (Cinotech), Henry Leung (HKIEIA), Linda Fan (PolyU) Completed
15 Mar 2013 PolyU Seminar on EIA James Li of Ryerson University, Canada Completed
07 Mar 2013 Debriefing Session on 32nd Annual Conference of the IAIA12 in Porto Joash Lam (AECOM), Ng Cho Nam (HKU), KC Lam (CUHK), Shirley Lee (HKIEIA), Henry Leung (HKIEIA) Completed
11 Dec 2012 Christmas Party - Jointly Organized with CIWEM and HKIOA HKIEIA, CIWEM, HKIOA Completed
09 Nov 2012 Technical Visit to the Hong Kong International Airport HKIA Completed
04 Sep 2012 Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors - EIA & Related Ordinance Clara U (HKIEIA) Completed
25 Aug 2012 CUHK「環境及氣候論壇系列:香港環保新思維」論壇  CUHK Completed
21 Aug 2012 Debriefing Session on Tree Hazard Assessment Course  Ida Yu and Grace Leung Completed
05 Jul 2012 Debriefing Session on the IAIA SEA Prague II: SEA Implementation and Practice: Making an Impact Shirley Lee (HKIEIA) Completed
12 Apr 2012        Seminar on Judicial Review of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Mr Tse Chi Wan (EPD) Completed
18 Nov 2011  Debriefing Session on IAIA 2011 Prof K C Lam, Mr Henry Leung, Ms Danica Chan Completed
18 May 2011  Annual General Meeting 2011 HKIEIA Completed
23 Mar 2011  Seminar on Railway Planning in Hong Kong EIA and EM&A Development Dr Glenn Frommer, Head of Sustainability Development, MTRC Completed
16 Mar 2011          Technical Forum on Integrated Waste Management Facilities (IWMF) HKIEIA, CIWEM, HKIE, EPD Completed