Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (BSAP) 

The HKIEIA’s participation in the BSAP exercise has been highlighted by the Chairman at our AGM and also a subsequent message to our members in September 2013. BSAP is a current exercise embarked by the Environment Bureau and the Agriculture, Fishers and Conservation Departure under the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Convention on Biological Diversity was extended to Hong Kong on May 9, 2011 which demonstrates Hong Kong's commitment to join the international community in protecting the natural environment. Although Hong Kong is not a party to the Convention per se, the Government is actively preparing a city-level BSAP for Hong Kong in accordance with the principles and guidelines set out in the Convention, taking into account local needs and priorities and with a view to commencing its implementation in 2015. The background and details can be found in the official BSAP website at

For this territory-wide exercise, HKIEIA has taken a proactive role. The institute also participated in the focus group under the Terrestrial Impact Assessment Focus Group (TBWG) - to examine the existing and potential impacts to the biodiversity of Hong Kong in a more focused manner for further consideration by the TBWG. The focus group has launched an online questionnaire survey and conducted in-depth discussion on the outcomes. The final report with recommendations was submitted to the BSAP Secretariat in September 2014. 

TBWG Impact Assessment Focus Group (IAFG) 

IAFG Member List 

Dr Gary Ades*  
Andrew Chan  
Dr Bosco Chan 
Simeon Cheng 
Andy Chung 
David Gallacher 
Dr John Fellows 
Dr Gunter Fischer 
Terence Fong 
Jocelyn Ho 
Henry Leung (joint-coordinator)* 
Rebecca Leong 
Philip Lo 
Karen Lui 
Dr Ng Cho Nam (joint-coordinator)*^ 
Dr Jasmine Ng 
Tony Nip
David Stanton 
Dr Jackie Yip 

Mr Paul Zimmerman*^  


*Working Group members 
^Steering Committee members

Progress Update

The FG held its first meeting in November 2013 to agree on the action approaches which included the development of an online questionnaire. In mid-March 2014, the FG launched a questionnaire survey to collect views on major impacts affecting biodiversity and the ways to improve existing practices in assessing and addressing these impacts. About 100 completed questionnaires were received. Feedback was received from the authority, consultants, contractors, project proponents and green groups. The FG has conducted in-depth discussion on the outcomes, and compiled a report on the analysis of the major impacts identified and relevant recommendations. The final reprot was submitted to the BSAP Secretariat in September 2014. The Steering Committed and relevant government departments and bureaux are currently reviewing the recommendations to be incorporated into the BSAP. A public consultation of the draft BSAP is expected to be launched in early 2015. The reports of focus groups (including that of IAFG) will be uploaded to the web during the public consultation. The FG also participated in the Business Focus Group Discussion Forum held on 13 February 2014 and the BSAP Engagement Forum on 7 June 2014


Sep to Nov 2013

- Formation of IAFG and FG Meeting No. 1 held

Nov 2013 to Feb 2014

- Development of questionnaire, ongoing meetings with TBWG and Steering Committee

Mar 2014

- FG Meeting No. 2 held and official launch of questionnaire to stakeholders

Mar to May 2014

- Questionnaire returns and evaluation
May to Jun 2014 - Formulation of recommendations and development of action report. FG Meeting No.3 held on 11 Jun 2014

Jun to Sep 2014 - Preparation and submission of FG report

Sep to Dec 2014 - Deliberation of FG recommendations by Terrestrial Biodiversity Working Group