HKIEIA is pleased to arrange a  visit to the Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve on 11 Oct 2014 for members and their friends. The 42 hectares of land in Fung Yuen has been listed as a "Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) since 1980 and there are now over 200 species of butterflies found there which account for 80% total in Hong Kong. The event is free of charge for members. For details and registration, please refer the event flyer. [Posted: 30 Sep 14]

Presentation material of the debriefing session on 34th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) held on 13 Aug 2014 are now available at the member corner ( i.e. ) for exclusive review by registered members. [Posted: 25 Aug 14]

With increasing public awareness of environmental issues and greater demand for more transparent EIA information and public engagement, HKIEIA has organized a series of trainings to equip members with the necessary soft skills. The upcoming one is a Training Programme on "Storytelling" on 26 Aug 14 & 2 Sep 2014. Members, and your colleagues, are encouraged to join these programme which are tailor-made for EIA professionals.  

For detail of the training, please refer to the flyer. For registration, please kick the on-line registration link at   [Posted: 8 Aug 14]

The expansion of Hong Kong International Airport into a Three-Runway System is major upcoming capital infrastructure project in the territory. With the mission and commitment to a greener and more sustainable Hong Kong through our professional expertise in technical EIA, We has made a formal submission to EPD to express HKIEIA's view and recommendations on Three-Runway EIA report (3R EIA) on 18 Jul 2014. The full letter is now available in the Useful Report section of the "member corner" for exclusive review by members. [Posted: 7 Aug 14]

A debriefing session on 34th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) will be held on 13 Aug 2014. Members are cordially invited to join this event organized by HKIEIA which is free of charge. Should there be queries, please contact either Isa (e-mail : or Clara U (e-mail: 

For detail of the event, please refer to the flyer. For registration, please kick the on-line registration link at   [Posted: 1 Aug 14]

The Institute is pleased to announce that HKIEIA and the Institute of Environmental and Assessment (IEMA), UK has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to further cultivate the practices of EIA in Hong Kong and UK with the aim of bringing the best elements of these EIA systems into good practices for adoption. The MOU is now available in the Useful Report section of the "member corner" for exclusive review by members. [Posted: 12 Jun 14]

Members are reminded of the HKIEIA AGM 2014 on 12 Jun 2014. Should you be unable to join, kindly if you could send your proxy form to the Honorary Secretary (e-mail : As well, members are welcome to pass this news to your colleagues or friends as well as to update your contact, through registering yourself in this website, so as to keep abreast of the latest update and development of the Institute. For detail of the AGM, please refer to notification. [Posted: 28 May 14]

Third BSAP Public Lecture ( 生物多樣性公眾講座系列(三): 香港生物多樣性的保育工作 ) on 17 May 2014.  This free public lecture is the third of the series which will focus on the Biodiversity Conservation in Hong Kong. Seats are available by registration on a first-come-first-served basis. For interested member, please register on-line via this link or visit the BSAP webpage. [Posted: 16 Apr 14]

The EIA Practices of Major Construction Works in Hong Kong - The Next Step Final Report is now available for exclusive review by HKIEIA members. As highlighted in our previous newsletter that our Chairman was interviewed by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Association of Engineering Professionals in Society Ltd. (AES) in the captioned study commissioned by the Hong Kong Construction Association (HKCA). Now, we are pleased to let you know that the study was completed and the study report was also issued officially in Mar 2014. This report had highlighted the overview of EIA practices in Hong Kong as well as overseas EIA systems. It had also provided information and a review of the operation of the EIAO in Hong Kong, role of ACE and a case review on Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge project. The report is now available in our "members corner", so please login to access this report.  [Posted: 11 Apr 14]

Symposium Cum Exhibition "Quiet Construction: State-of-The-Art Management & Practices" on 8 May 2014. The event is jointly organized by the Hong Kong Construction Association (HKCA) and the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics (HKIOA) with distinguished speakers from France, UK, Japan as well as local public sector and construction industry to share their valuable experience in updated practices in noise management, innovative quiet construction / demolition methods. For details of the event, please refer to the flyer.  [Posted: 10 Apr 14]

HKIEIA training course - "Presenting at Your Best: Programme on Public Speaking and Presentation" on 28 Apr and 8 May 2014. With an increasing public awareness of environmental issues and greater demand for more transparent EIA information and public engagement, it is becoming apparent that soft skills possessed by EIA professionals may be, over the long term, more important than occupational skills at work. HKIEIA recognize that soft skills are personal attributes that enhance member's interactions, job performance and career prospects. Thus, the Institute would like to invite you and your colleagues to the Soft Skills Training Series Tailor-made for EIA Professionals, the first training on presentation skill will commence in April and May. 

For details of training course, please refer to the flyer. For registration, please click the on-line registration link at  [Posted: 2 Apr 14]

The HKIE Environmental Division is going to held an Annual Seminar on Hong Kong Energy Challenges & Solutions on 9 Apr 2014. The Seminar will discuss the importance of energy challenges and the associated technologies and solutions to build a sustainable energy future. It also aims to provide a platform for engineers, government officials, subject experts, academics and other professionals to share their valuable experience and practices, either locally or internationally. As one of the supporting organizations, members are encouraged to take part in this Seminar to obtain insight in building a low carbon future. For details of the seminar, please refer to the flyer.  [Posted: 28 Mar 14]

BSAP Questionnaire (Now open until 17 Apr 2014). Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (BSAP) is a city-level plan now being developed by the HKSAR Government under the Convention on Biological Diversity for implementation in 2015. In collaboration with the Impact Assessment Focus Group (IAFG) under the Marine Biodiversity Working Group, a questionnaire is prepared to compile expert opinions on the most significant threats to both terrestrial and marine biodiversity in Hong Kong, and to elicit proposal of appropriate measures and recommendations to address them as part of the BSAP. Thus, members are encouraged to express your view through the on-line survey at

Further, for more information on the ongoing development of BASP and the Institute's involvement, members can refer to the Biodiversity section of this website i.e.  [Posted: 12 Mar 14]

A new HKIEIA website has now been launched. Apart from revised layout, content and a new photo gallery section, the new website comes with a new member corner, too. Members are encouraged to register themselves by clicking “Register” on the top right corner of the website to enjoy exclusive content such as your profile details, giving feedback as well as other information to be included in due course.  [Posted: 7 Mar 14]

A technical visit to the project site of the Central - Wan Chai Bypass - Tunnel (North Point Section) and Island Eastern Corridor Link has been arranged on 1 Mar 2014 (Sat). The visit aims to enable members to have a better understanding of the EM&A programme and various environmental control measures implemented for the construction of the Central-Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link. For details of the visit, please refer to the flyer

The site visit is FREE of charge. If you are interested to join, please click the on-line registration link at  [Posted: 6 Feb 14]

Regional EIA Symposium 2014. HKIEIA and the Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability of the Chinese University of Hong Kong are co-organizing a Regional EIA Symposium from 9-11 Jan 2014 on "Shaping EIA for the Future". The aim of the Symposium is to explore the changing focus of EIA, not only in Asia but globally, and identify opportunities to shape EIA for the future. For further information, refer to the Symposium website at

To provide feedback, please download and fill the evaluation form  word or click to fill the on-line evaluation form.


FREE TICKETS to Research, Assessment and Development of Applying Innovative Building Designs for Noise Mitigation Symposium on 24 May 2013. In order to provide more training opportunities to our member in particular to our young members of HKIEIA, our Institute will offer 5 FREE admission tickets (priority will be given to Associate and Student Members) to attend the captioned symposium. For the 5 successfully applicants, please note that you are required to contribute an article to our newsletter to give a short report about this Symposium. If you are interested to apply for a free ticket, please contact Ms Clara U (e-mail : by 6 May 2013. The Symposium flyer is attached. Flyer

As agreed at the AGM 2006, a record of at least 15 CPD hours is required for renewal of HKIEIA corporate membership. On the other hand, CPD record is required for AMP renewal. Members are urged to take immediate notice of the guidelines on CPD and renew the corporate/AMP membership accordingly. See CPD Notice.

Discussion Forum for Registered Members

Our new discussion forum is now in operation. Members are encouraged to firstly register in this website in order to express and share their views there.